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York Folk Day 1975

Note the Yellow Baldrics
Ebor 1975 3Ebor 1975 1Ebor 1975 2Shakespeare 1975 1Shakespeare 1975 2


Baldric becomes Blue and Mauve, hats straw.
Ebor 1976 2Ebor 1976 1Ebor 1976 3Me Jim Sharp Steve Fuller Richard AtkinsonJohn H 1976

Five Quarter Rapper

Five Quarter RapperFive Quarter Rapper 1976

Grenoside Rapper

Grenoside Rapper 1977 4Grenoside Rapper 1977Grenoside Rapper 1977 4Grenoside Rapper 1977 3

Stamford Bridge 1977

Note the first top hat creeping in.
Ebor Stamford Bridge 1977 1Ebor Stamford Bridge 1977 2Ebor Stamford Bridge 1977 3Ebor Stamford Bridge 1977 4Ebor Stamford Bridge 1977 5Ebor Stamford Bridge 1977 6

Queen's Jubilee Wheldrake June 2nd 1977

A long processional that required frequent sips of beer, thanks to Fran Edwards, the beer boy.
Ebor Jubilee 1977 1Ebor Jubilee 1977 2Ebor Jubilee 1977 4Ebor Jubilee 1977 3

Boston Spa 1977

Ebor 1977 Boston SpaEbor 1977 Boston Spa 2

Alford Craft Market 1981

Revd Ken Alford 81Alford 81 1Alford 81 2Alford 81 3Alford men on fire engine

All top hats by now plus the first sighting of the Jolly Green P**l**k and it's not JH!
Pete Halkon and Marek Alford 1981Pete Moore Alford 1981Mark Pollard Richard Atkinson JH John L John AltringhamMark Fowler Pete Halkon at Alford 81Jim Sharp Mark Fowler Pete Halkon Alford 81Eddie Griggs at Alford 81Eddie Griggs and Jim Sharp

Kings Manor (Date not known, mid 80s?)

Kings Manor 1Kings Manor 2

Dance Festival 2002

gatheringfor process2002 flagcrackersinguildhall2002eborlongswordlift2002lastdrop2002

Dance Festival 2003

caslongsword2003 brackley2003ryknildrabble2003border2003

Saddleworth Rushcart

Saddleworth Rushcart 003Saddleworth Rushcart 009Saddleworth Rushcart 008 Saddleworth Rushcart 011Saddleworth Rushcart 012

Dance Festival 2004

process2004 proces22004stsams2004process42004process320042ebor2004ebor2004

Lumley Fee Weekend 2006

IMGP1908crop  IMGP1905crop IMGP1902IMGP1903IMGP1907IMGP1906

IMGP1899 IMGP1901  IMGP1904 IMGP1895
IMGP1896 IMGP1900IMGP1894IMGP1898IMGP1897

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Goan equivalent to Morris Men

 IMGP1654   IMGP1653   IMGP1652

May Day Walls Tour
Prague Folklore Festiva
York Festival Trad Dance
5th International Sword Spectacular2008
Lumley Fee
May 2008
Flag Crackers do at  Grassington
Germany 1990

Bishop Wilton
Bishop Wilton
Buxton 2008
Ebor walls
King's Square Aug 2007
Bishop Wilton 2005

 Black Swan Folk Day
York Festival of
Traditional Dance
Lumley Fee
2008 (JH)
Dance Fest 2007
Bishop Wilton 2006

April 2010
Bishop Wilton
Black Swan Folk Festival
31st May 2008
New Year Dance Out
Jan 2008
Lumley Fee 2007 (Clive P)
Lumley Fee 2007