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Gardens of Kent Trip
Great Dixter

The gardens at Great Dixter are magnificent and should be on everybodies list of things to do before you die! They have atmosphere a plenty with butterflies by the score and show what can be achieved with close planting and contrasting foliage mainly in what would be considered as "hot" colours with red dahlias seeming to be a favourite.  The buildings also help by making a wonderful backdrop to the gardens.

To view larger versions of these images click on the photograph which will take you to the Picasa website, where you can view the images in more detail.
House Formal Pond Garden
Oast House Dahlia and butterfly
Yellow and Blue border Pond with Heuchera
Butterfly on dahlia next to Canna leaf Spiky border plant
Bears breeches Fishing rod grass with pink flower
Pink Astilbe flower Lace cap Hydrangea
Hydrangea border --
Raer view of house Hot border with yew hedge
border with yew hedge ??
Thalictrum Colour combination dark red with yellow
Poppy Hot border
White centred poppy --
Rear of house Chimneys
Topiary in meadow garden Topiary and rear of house
Topiary and rear of house Poppies border
House entrance House front
-- Poppy
Oast house Archway to pond garden
Oast house Lilly pond

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