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Postings and Movements of 561013 C.C. Harper(Wally)

Flying Log

Canada - Bermuda - UK - Singapore

Wally's original Flying Log was destroyed on 31 January1943 during a "special" flight from Bermuda to Elizabeth City in the USA when the Catalina Flying Boat W8430 did a water loop and the aircraft was written off.  He reconstituted his log book in a Royal Canadian Airforce log book from alternative sources.  The copy was certified by Wing Commander Ware the Commanding Officer of the base in Bermuda. No flights are recorded for a whole month after the water loop. The return flight to Bermuda was a month later and is logged on the 1 March 1943 as a "special" with Sqdn Ldr Jones in Catalina JX 202.

The flying log makes interesting reading and includes a hunt for the battleship Bismarck interrupting the delivery of Liberator AM923 on 27 May 1941.  9 hours 25 minutes flying time were expended on the search out of Gander.

The log also details some VIP flights including one with Members of the Bermuda Parliament as passengers.

There is a particularly significant link to the final page of the log as this details a flight from Singapore to Heathrow in a Hunting Clan Airways Brittania. This was Wally's last ever flight and my very first.

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Photographs in this article come from my fathers collection of photographs. I do not know if they are photgraphs that he took or whether they are just ones that he collected. If any of these photos are your work please let me know so that I can give due credit.
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