Life of Cecil Caswell Harper

Early Years

1927 - 1935

1935 - 1937

1937 - 1940

1940 -1945

1945 - 1963

Retirement from RAF


The HMS Glorious Years 1935 - 1937

Ports Of Call

This page is where I need some help in identifying the locations of the photographs.  If you know a location please contact me with the reference number and it's location and let me know. Thank you to Alan Green and John Gatt for identifying A19 and A43.




Grand Harbour at Valletta, Malta, the Mediterranean home of the Royal Navy in the nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth. In the foreground centre is the Customs House, a building dating from the late period of the Knights of St John and still used for that purpose.  On the top right is the Upper Barracca Gardens with saluting battery (the latter now used to fire a cannon every day at noon, apparently much appreciated by tourists watching the 'ceremony' from the Upper Barracca). At topmost centre of photo can be seen the lift which used to operate from the Customs House level to the Upper Barracca;  it is a turret-like structure). Unfortunately, the lift was dismantled some decades ago, but plans are now in hand for a modern one to be installed again!








An aerial view of the village of Mosta with the Parish Church of St.Mary in the centre with its large dome.  Mosta Church is also known as the Rotunda because of its circular form;  it has a dome (reputed to be the third largest in the world, though this could now be fourth largest) and therefore has no pillars and other supporting structure in the middle to obstruct the view of the main altar and all of the interior.  On 9th April 1942 enemy bombers (Germans, not Italians) dropped bombs on the Rotunda, one of which penetrated the dome without exploding.  A service with about 300 people was on at the time the bomb penetrated the dome but all those attending were miraculously delivered from harm.


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