Palawan - Porto Princessa

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Hotel Porto Princessa
Hotel - Porto Princessa
Jackfruit Tree
Jackfruit Tree
Motor bike taxi - Paluan
Motorcycle Taxis
Noodles - Paluan
The Vietnamese Noodle Restaurant
Paluan House
Paluan House - note the bamboo screening
Woven bamboo screens
Bamboo screening rolls
Cluster of ticks
Cluster of ticks waiting for a victim
Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit
Beach walk
Beach Walk near Porto Princessa
Mangrove - Paluan
Mangrove Trees
Mangrove Trees
Woodland walk Paluan Bob and Armando
Is that a shop selling beer on the right?
Bob and Armando - Paluan
Armando and Bob by Jungle Stream
John and Bob by same stream
Armando uses stepping stones Paluan
Armando tries the stepping stones
Woodland walk Paluan Bob and Armando
Building materials being unloaded
Chicken shop - Paluan
Spit roasted chicken shop, very tasty!
Yellow Flower
Yellow flower
Annato seeds
Annato seeds
Goats - Paluan
Goats wandering free
Crocodile in mud
Crocdile basking in muddy pool
Large lizard dissappears into undergrowth
Fireworks stall Porto Princessa
Christmas Firework stalls
New Fireworks Stall
Christmas Firework stall
Timber Store - Paluan
Timber Store

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