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Remember the adage "The bitterness of low quality is long remembered after the sweetness of low price has long been forgotten". It is very apt in the context of rice. There are many varieties and grades. The best for savoury cooking are the long grained types or Patna which are not good for puddings.

There are many types of long grain rice but probably one of the finest without doubt is "Basmati". It has a particular nutty flavour and a very characteristic odour. It is rightly called the prince of rices by some.

Many people have problems cooking rice and many abuse it dreadfully by boiling it in gallons of water and then pouring all that lovely flavour down the drain by draining the water of and pouring boiling water over the rice. If you are one of these dreadful people stop before I come round to your house and tear one of your arms off and beat you with the soggy stump. Rice is easy to cook in only a little bit of water. Honest!

All you have to do is :-


You might need to adjust slightly on the cooking time depending on the pan you are using, the type of rice and the cooker. Brown rice will need about two and half times the water and at least twenty minutes cooking time. With Basmati rice you will not go far wrong with a cooking time of twelve minutes.

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