Safety Data for Essential Oils

  1. These complex chemicals are dangerous if not dealt with correctly. These poisonous substances must not be ingested or accidentally rubbed into any body orifice, or eyes.

  2. Ladies seeking to get pregnant must avoid all oils until specialist advice is taken. Some oils increase uterine contractions and may damage the baby.

  3. Discontinue or dilute if any untoward reaction occurs e.g. unusual headache or skin rash.

  4. Use of oils may produce dehydration. Pleas drink extra water for 24 hrs; this will also flush out toxins.

  5. Never exceed the suggested dose or other instructions.

  6. Some oils may mark the skin if used before, during or after exposure to a sunbed or strong sunlight; avoid within 6 hrs of use.

  7. Always wash the hands after applying oil.

  8. Consider askimg for a patch test if you have any worries about allergies.

  9. Keep the oils cool, in their bottle, with the instructions, in the dark. Do not give your oils to anyone else. Store upright.

  10. Some oils affect mood; please avoid alcohol and beer for several hours after clary sage.

  11. Epileptic patients must have oils specially chosen for them; also hypertensive people , and those taking homeopathic preparations.

  12. If inhaling oils, always put drops on a handkerchief, never sniff from the bottle.

  13. Do not place on a polished surface. Some oils will stain fabric.

  14. Please do not use a sauna or sunbed before or after aromatherapy.

  15. One should never postpone visiting the doctor if one would normally do so.

  16. Aromatherapy or other massage and reflexology treatments should only be used to aid medical treatments and not to replace them.
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