John Harper Remembers


Dragon Kiln - Jurong
March 2011

During our visit to Singapore in 2011 we were extremely lucky to meet up with Victor Koo one of the Singapore Bloggers I am friendly with. We had dined at Fatty Weng's in Geylang earlier and then went on to visit the firng up of the Thow Kwang dragon Kiln near Jurong.  I was particularly happy to visit the kiln as I had read about it in Victor's blog which gives a lot detail about firing up the kiln way back in 2008 and had been intrigued by it. What a fascinating evening it turned out to be. The kiln is located at 85 Lorong Tawas (off Jalan Bahar), Singapore 639823

 Firing up the kiln
Feeding the dragon
Sealed up side entry to kiln Kiln bodyMaking salt bombs for glazingSalt bombsPots for sale pots for sale

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