John Harper Remembers


Hawker Food

If you like Chinese, Indian or Malay/Indonesian food then a visit to a hawker centre is a must not miss treat. At the hawker centres you'll probably be able to find all sorts, you could eat Chinese whilst your partner eats Indian. Order your food and in some centres it will be brought to your table, note the number of the table you are going to sit at, and mention it when you order your food. Much is made of the hawker centre at Newton circus which can be reached easily from the MRT. My own feelings are that it is a little overrated, crowded and that there are other lesser known centres that are just as good. Some of my own favourites are the one in Changi Village which is just behind the bus terminus. The former "Airfield Restaurant" has been turned into a small food court. Food courts tend to be indoors and air conditioned but with a similar range of variety of foods. In Chinatown the hawker centre behind the Peoples Park complex is well worth a visit, try the Chilli Crab.
Newton Circus Food Stalls Chinatown Food Stalls food 3  food 4 Chicken Rice Claypot Frog

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