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Singapore Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens Gate

Getting There

Take the MRT to Orchard Road and come out the entrance on to Orchard Boulevard, cross the road to the bus stop and then catch a no.7, 105, 106, 123 or 174 SBS bus to corner of Holland Road and Cluny Road. Alternatively just keep walking up Orchard Road towards Tanglin.

Inside The Gardens

Entrance is free to the Botanical Gardens but if you want to see the Orchid collection there is a charge of S$5 for adults and S$1 for children and seniors. As you will see from the preview photographs on this page it is money well spent.

LakeThe garden which spreads over 52 hectare has thousands of flora, many of which are rare. Opening times are from five in the morning until midnight. To do justice to the gardens you will need to allow yourself at least two hours. If you suffer from orchid mania then the National Orchid Garden is a must. It is not open as extensively as the main garden, it's hours being 8.30a.m. to 7 p.m. with last entrance at 6 p.m. It is claimed to be the world's largest orchid display including the VIP orchids named after visiting State dignataries. The one named after Margaret Thatcher has a strange appearance, I'll say no more on that!

Just inside the entrance is a lake full of terrapins. There are numerous paths around the gardens with several map boards situated in convenient places to work out where you are in the gardens. If you are keen on orchids follow the signs for the orchid collection. On entering the orchid collection there are numerous paths around the collection, it's worth going round a couple of times at least because you will see some that you missed first time round and then you'll find that you are back on a path that you recognise you have been down before.

Saraca caulifloraSaraca cauliflora seed podsLesser Whistling Ducks

Orchids Galore

As you enter the orchid area you will come across a pair of artfully sculpted pair of cranes bathing and drinking in a water feature, impressive to say the least.  There are 20000 orchids on show in the garden.

ORC19As is inevitable with most attractions of  this type there is a souvenier shop but this one is quite good with a good selection of, as you would expect, "orchid" orientated gifts as well as batik goods, sun hats and all the other items that you would expect.

The gardens have a vast variety of plants and a tranquil atmosphere. One particularly interesting tree is the cannonball tree which has incredible orange flowers and forms a nut that is the shape, size and colour of a "cannonball.


It just isn't possible to do justice to the gardens with a few words and photographs. I urge you "go see for youself"!

ORC21ORC23 Okay so you're tempted, how are you going to get to Singapore? Why not set your holiday off with a real treat and fly with Singapore Airlines. Even travelling by economy is comfortable and you will be treated with the utmost coutesy from attentive cabin staff. Have a look at the Singapore Airlines Website for flight times. For those of you living in the North of England or Scotland avoid that trudge down to Heathrow. You can fly from Manchester! There are regular trains to the airport from Middlesborough through York and Leeds. An almost hassle free way to start your journey.

White orchidGreen Speckled OrchidOrchid display

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