YPS Holland - May 2012


YPS Holland - May 2012
De Tuinen van Appeltern

To find Appeltern on a map of Holland, locate Utrecht, Arnhem, Nijmegen and Hertogenbosch. Draw a line between Utrecht and Nijmegen, then draw a line between Arnhem and Hertogenbosch. Appeltern is located on the line between Arnhem and Hertogenbosch southwest of the cross point of the two lines drawn.

The garden is over 75 hectares and contains at least 200 display gardens showing trends and ideas in gardens. It is open from March to November each year.
Mossy Rabbits Lake
Bridge Splash of colour
Even more colour A very green garden
Indonesian Garden Hut
Blue tiles garden
Water Feature
Paulonia Tormentosa Tree
Paulonia Tormentosa Blossom
Glittering sphers
Wisteria with confiers in foreground

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